With Love Mae HQ located in the Southern Hemisphere, we’ve been humming a whole lot of ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ lately. So we decided to sprinkle a little winter wonderland magic across your screens for this month’s instalment of ‘World’s Best Free Downloadable Digital Desktop Calendar’… which may or may not be an award we made up ourselves.

In winter we inevitably turn inward – we dream, we hope, we imagine. Meanwhile, the earth is growing quiet. The plants and animals store away food for the lean months or prepare to sink into hibernation. If snow comes, the quiet will be even deeper, apart from when little feet delight in making it crunch, like sugar underfoot.

We love how winter offers moments for reflection – some as simple as watching a burning stick in an open fire, while pondering why ski ballet never caught on as an official Winter Olympic sport.

Whatever your version of a winter wonderland looks like (it may well be booking tickets somewhere warm and sub-tropical), we hope you’ll let our friendly Forest Folk keep you company as you make your way through July.

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