What Our Customer’s Say

"'We love the Love Mae lunchboxes as the different compartments allow us to add the variety of wholefoods kids require daily for a healthy and adventurous rainbow lunchbox!'"

~ Amie Harper | @amieeats

What Our Customer’s Say

"Hi! I bought the fox and friends set when I was pregnant with our bub because I thought it was so cute but now fast forward eight months, I realise just how good your products really are. They are throw proof, perfect size, durable and still super cute. Thank you for making such a wonderful product for mums and bubs!"

~ Brooke Farnham | @brooke_farnham

What Our Customer’s Say

"The Love Mae collection of tumblers, plates and bowls are eco-friendly, light-weight and beautiful. They tick all the practical and aesthetically pleasing boxes as we embark on our one-year caravan adventure around Australia."

~ Jodi Wilson | @practisingsimplicity

What Our Customer’s Say

"Our children love using the Love Mae bamboo ware. We use it at home, and in our caravan. It’s perfect for taking out and about as it’s light and easy to carry, and allows little ones to help and be independent. Love that it’s made from a sustainable material, too."

~ Natalie Walton | @nataliewalton

What Our Customer’s Say

"How we LOVE our love mae wares! The bowls have actually become a breakfast bowl favourite for the whole family because they are the perfect size - and don’t even get me started on the compartment plates (perfect for our fussy eaters who insist that no two different foods should ever touch one another!)"

~ Chloe Brookman | @olliella



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