All lunch boxes are not created equal! So, here at Love Mae, we turned our search for the perfect lunch box into a healthy obsession, creating a compartmentalised design that solves the soggy sandwich dilemma AND shares your love of eco-friendly, waste-free food storage.

Why Plastic for our lunch boxes?

We didn’t choose bamboo for our lunch boxes as it was almost impossible to get a leak proof seal. When we thought about how the lunch boxes would be handled by their little owners, plastic came out on top when we were considering durability. Having a quality product is key to survival in the rough-and-tumble world of schoolyard lunch breaks, so we made an earth-conscious choice to use a plastic material that is durable as well as 100% recyclable. Like our bamboo dinnerware range, our lunch boxes are free of BPA's, PVC, Phthalates and lead.
Our decision to chose plastic over metal came down to our views on sustainable practices. It’s the impact that the manufacturing process has on our planet that influenced our decision. When compared to stainless steel and aluminium, plastic records the greenest results in the production and manufacturing industry. Having a plastic product, that’s 100% recyclable was an earth-conscious choice. 
One day when Australia approves recycled plastic as a food grade use, we will make our lunch-boxes even greener - we’ll keep you posted on that! 

Whether your kids are mini gourmets or have just announced that they want sushi instead of sandwiches. Our bento-style lunch box allows them to take a seal-contained grazing platter to the playground, without the need for extra packaging to keep all the goodies in place.

We've also included two leak-proof mini containers that nestle in the lunch box, just so - perfect for dips, yoghurt or renegade blueberries.

Available in four classic designs, the Love Mae Lunch Box can be paired with one of the insulated cooler bag and ice brick combos - all of which will help to take the daily struggle our of creating delicious, fresh food that won't come back in their bags. You're welcome!


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