To put it simply...

We have chosen bamboo because we care about the planet and the little people it supports!

Eco friendly? We took this over-used tag and dug a little deeper...since day dot, we've prided ourselves on our ethical brand values, with the sustainable, low impact manufacturing principles to back it up. All of Love Mae's products are either compostable or readily recyclable, as well being manufactured with the lightest planetary footprint possible. 

Lets get more technical...

We are passionate about respecting the earth and take our roles as caretakers for the next generation super seriously. We are extremely proud that all Love Mae's bamboo products are compostable and won't choke the planet when you choose to dispose of them, including the gorgeous box packaging offered in our sets.

Our dinnerware range is made from a bi-product of the bamboo industry, the leftovers that no-one uses. This is then ground into a powder, mixed with food grade binding resins and then poured into a mould to set. Each of the bamboo pieces are then treated similarly to porcelain, where they are baked twice - the first time to shape the product, then again a second time when the decal is applied. The product is then sealed and finished.

All of our Bamboo products are made using natural fibres that are 100% compostable, meaning that they can be broken down so there is no chance of them ending up in landfill...or worse still, in the Pacific Ocean adding to the plastic island that is choking and killing reefs and wildlife.

Even simple choices can have you respecting our planet and nurturing your child's future, so we're here to help you make a good one. Do yourself, your child and your planet a favour and purchase more planet-friendly and more sustainable products. Its important to us, and hopefully you, to think of the full production cycle of the products we make - our choice, from manufacturing to disposal, is the most gentle to our environment of all the available dinnerware products.

Love Mae has you covered and you can rest assured you're being a good parent and guardian of the planet.

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