No longer your tiny dancer but not quite ready to leap (or stomp) into teenager territory, tweens can be a tricky lot to buy gifts for.
If you’re lucky, you’ll hit the jackpot and find the ‘unicorn’ of gifts – something that is neither too babyish or too grown up, that they’ll love as much as a one-year-old loves wrapping paper, and that these mysterious creatures (and their friends) consider to be cool… this week, anyway.
But why leave it to luck? Check out our ultimate guide to presents that will prove you are SO pickin’ up what your tween is putting down – and we’re not talking about their wet towels!
 Love Mae Tween Girl Feature


 1. Unicorn Bamboo 4pc Supper Set, $44.95.

Something for the budding stylista in your life? Our Unicorn Supper Bamboo dinner set is perfect for fans of Scando-style woodland illustrations and lovers of unicorns – hands up, the entire universe!


2. Kollab Flasks, $30.

These stylish hot/cold vacuum flasks are lovely and light to hold or be allowed to casually peek out of a school bag. The colour range alone is enough to send you into a swoon ­– we dare you to decide between Rose Gold, Gloss Mint, Caramel, Gloss Navy, Silver, Peach, Fuchsia…squeee, the list goes on!


3. Munsterkids Livvy Skirt, $55, and Evie Ray Jacket, $99.95.

With a love of surf, skate and street culture at the heart of their designs, Munsterkids pieces will appeal to the cheeky, urbane fashion junior of the family. Aside from wanting something different to every punter in the playground, you’ll appreciate that durability and comfort are still king.


4. Mayde Tea Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea, from $20.

Take toddler tea parties to the next level by introducing your little lady to the joys of imbibing boutique, artisan teas. Formulated by a Byron Bay naturopath, nutritionist & herbalist, Mayde Teas are delicious and soothing for the digestive and nervous systems. Mmmmmmm.


5. Messy Hair Don’t Care Pillow, $25.54.

For the girl who likes to talk in her sleep, this fun hand-lettered pillow says it all. Bold and graphic in black and white, it will work with just about any bedroom look – even for those who like to paint the walls a different colour every summer holidays. Perfectly dreamy!


6. Strong is the New Pretty, $24.25, by Kate T. Parker.

Using more than 175 candid images and powerful first-person quotes, this book is a photographic celebration of girls being fearless, silly, wild, stubborn and proud, showing the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves. The messages are there for all of us trying to raise strong, confident girls.


7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9, $88.

For those who don’t yet have a camera phone, or just want the instant gratification of seeing their lives printed out in lush colour, this is the bomb! Of course there is a selfie mirror installed right next to the close-up lens – phew – and the colour range is as fun as the camera itself. Click and collect!


8. Basics to Brilliant Kids cookbook Gift Set, $59.95, by Donna Hay.

The perfect kids’ cooking companion that re-imagines the classics in a modern way – behold the chicken nuggets that include Chinese five spice in the crunchy coating for a sophisticated take on Southern fried chicken. The step-by-step approach encourages experimenting with food, whether it’s for sleepovers or after-school snacks. The Gift Set includes a cute notepad and the awesome Popsicle Mould kit. Everything from over-ripe mangos to blitzed up berries can be poured into these well-designed moulds for fab DIY popsicles. The set comes with 16 popsicle sticks and an aluminium cover (so no random frozen peas end up in your iced lollies!)


9. Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Gel, $10.95.

One of the most affordable and fabulous natural skincare lines around, Sukin will take care of young skin with the kind of ingredients it needs – non-drying green tea, cucumber, avocado oil to gently cleanse away impurities and excess oils. The great price point also means you won’t start twitching when you see them pumping it out by the gallon.


10. Love Mae Mini Stickers in Mini Forest Folk, $14.95.

You’re never too old for stickers, right? Our cute hand-drawn woodland animals can be arranged to frolic amongst the toadstools and fallen leaves any way you like – across a laptop, lunchbox, mobile phone or bedroom wall – ahh, the pleasures of personalisation.


11. ROWIE the Label Ladder Bralette, $39.

Young ladies ‘of a certain age’ may have begun hinting they’d like to wear a little something (don’t mention the word bra!) under a tee for extra coverage. And if it doubles as a swim top then Oh Happy Day! This sweet bralette comes in delicious hues of Cocoa, Olive or Candy.