Talking Motherhood & Unique Vintage with Sarah Hood

A Mumma We Adore

Introducing Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine


Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine talks motherhood and unique vintage

This beautiful, talented mumma of three, and Captain of Arrow Divine  keeps us brimming with inspiration with her perfect curation of all things vintage, and personal Instagram feed that captures motherhood at its most magnificent. Whether you follow Sarah on Instagram at @sarelouhood or  @arrow_divine the consistent earth-toned palette, and genuinely bohemian approach to life makes you well with appreciation for people who are walking their own authentic path. 

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Sarah Hood - a Mother, Wife, Captain of Arrow Divine and Generally Worn - tell us 3 things that we don’t know about you.
Three things you might not know about me..I have a penchant for bushwalking. I love the Victorian coastline, we have so much to offer just on our doorstep, spoilt really. My immediate family and I will go on the weekends together, a great way to catch up on what's been happening in our lives and enjoy the scenery too. I am really into personal fitness. I've joined a PT class which I do 3 days a week with other local mums in the area, and have made some really lovely friends from it, as well as mixing it up with regular yoga and running along the beach during the week. Exercise is my time to de stress. Essential to keep up with running a business and 3 children. And lastly, Suits. Do I need to say more? If you haven't watched it. You need to!


Sand, salt and sea are prevalent memories from your childhood: how much did your environment shape who you are today?
I honestly believe the environment has made me into the person I am today. My partner and I were both bought up, doing lifesaving, surfing and leading very sporty lives. So it's second nature for us to instil that into our own children. We frequent the Sunshine Coast a lot too. We lived there for 4 years in our early twenties, so we try to get up there as much as possible and catch up with friends. We decided this year, we would spend Christmas, just the 5 of us on the coast. Get away and just sit on the beach for a couple of weeks.


There’s lots of talk about kids today becoming disconnected from nature. We know from your Instagram feed that your little ones have plenty of time playing outdoors; why does this matter?
Technology for my children's generation is inevitable. You can't escape it, and it will be a vital part in the work force when they are age appropriate. So while we have these years, let's just enjoy the moments of being blissfully unaware. My girls don't own Ipads, I would rather them go and play outside, jump on the trampoline or play make believe games in the garden. That's what we did as children. I want them to look back and thank us for giving them the tools to create beautiful memories.
Sarah Hood from Arrow Divine and her family in an interview with Love Mae


You are mumma to three beautiful girls, tells us about their personalities.
My 3 girls are all so completely different! You couldn't ask for a more mixed bag. Isla (6yrs) is kind, adventurous, independent. She is everyone's friend, and has a lot of energy. Olive (4yrs) loves craft time, reading books and she is beautiful with my youngest. They are 2 peas in a pod. But don't be fooled, she is what I call the devil. Maeve (20 months) is an old soul. Never without a cheeky smile, she makes these crazy connections with absolute strangers. And boy does she give a good hug. The best. We've just learnt Maeve has a mitochondrial disorder, although parts of her life are compromised, it doesn't mean, she is exceptionally happy.
Olive daughter of Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine
Maeve daughter of Arrow Divine owner Sarah Hood
Tell us about mealtimes in your household: who does the cooking, and what are your little ones favourite meals?
Mealtime is shared between both my husband and I, as we both work. We love a good roast or homemade pizza, one that doesn't skimp on the toppings! Olive will eat anything and everything!


What is one of the most treasured moments you have shared with your kids?
Probably my favourite memories to date with my children, is our yearly trip to Crescent Head. A beautiful and peaceful town in Northern NSW. We hang by the beach, surf, walk up the headland, eat ice creams, bike ride and 4WD through the national park. Everyone has such a good time, and we all come back home feeling at peace and re energised.


As an entrepreneur and a mumma of three, how do you maintain a healthy work/life balance?
I think I've only figured this out. Up until end of last year, I was completely burnt out. Overworked in all areas of my life, and feeling exceptionally uninspired. I turned to yoga, which I ended up doing 4 days a week. I have since changed things up in my exercise regime to incorporate more cardio. I also decided to change a part of my business. I had some time out from design, and launched a vintage element to my website. I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith, it's the best thing I could of done. And of course, spending time with my children and husband. We have certain time slots throughout the week which are dedicated to café dates, beach time etc. My husband works crazy hours, so having these locked in, are key for spending quality time together.


When was Arrow Divine born, and how has it evolved over time?
Honestly, it was born by accident. I was making jewellery as a hobby when Isla was 1.5 years old, and selling them to friends and family. It started as a handmade jewellery venture, which grew into a full time business, designing and manufacturing jewellery off shore. 2017 has seen a vintage element be incorporated into the business. I am an avid op shopper, so this part of the business comes so naturally to me.
We're currently lusting on the vintage homewares 💕

Unique Vintage Homewares from Arrow Divine

Is your love for vintage about style, or does it have a deeper connection?
I have been op shopping since I was a teen. I get giddy when I find something, that no one else has, and it has a story behind it. I would much prefer to fill my home with treasures that are one of a kind, layering textures and patterns. At the same time, I'm helping the planet by recycling in a sense. I'm not about mass producing, and all my jewels are made on a small production scale too.


For you, happiness is…
Happiness for me is enjoying this life we have been given, no matter how short. We only have one, so lets make the time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Be with your loved ones, smile and laugh, breath that fresh air and just be.
Love Mae Interview with Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine Love Mae Interview with Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine Love Mae Interview with Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine Love Mae Interview with Sarah Hood of Arrow Divine
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