Best Christmas gifts for Kids, Toddlers & Babies

Christmas Gift Guide Sustainable & Super Cute

We have a variety of sustainable gift ideas for babies, toddlers and bigger kids so you can not only give thoughtful beautiful presents, but also ensure they have a lighter impact on the planet. We’re passionate about bringing sustainability, style and sense of wonder to the often-disposable world of children’s dinnerware and décor. And this means sourcing the latest, low-impact materials & planet-friendly packaging, and consciously choosing small-scale manufacturing over mass production. Just like our kids, we want to keep the earth they inherit healthy and safe.
best kids gifts for christmas 2021 sustainable plant based toddler sippy cup

Sweet Plant Based Sippy Cup

Our gorgeous easy-grip Sippy Cups are the perfect spill-proof transition from bottle or breast, helping little ones discover the joys of DIY drinking.
While bubs is busy waving, banging and slurping from their new beverage buddy, rest assured they’re getting on-the-go hydration that’s free of BPA, phthalates and melamine.
Our planet-friendly Sippy Cups are made from 100% biodegradable PLA, a new eco-technology using plant sugars like corn starch, sugarcane & sugar beet. Sweeet!
They’re super-durable, safe for microwaves and dishwashers and fully compostable… that’s if you can ever bear to let them go!
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silicone baby bibs for toddlers

Silicone Bibs

No one likes egg on their face, let alone jam on their jammies! That’s why our soft, yet sturdy new Silicone Bibs are the ultimate high-chair friend for mini mess makers and babies dipping their little fingers into the exciting new world of solids!
Unless you love doing laundry and hate cleverly designed, comfortable, dishwasher friendly baby gear, we’re pretty sure our Silicone Bibs will be a hit in your house.
They’re made from food-grade silicone and feature an adjustable neck to grow with your baby. The spill pocket design is the ultimate in recycling – and there’s no five-second rule when any delicious titbits fall in the bib!
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Best cooler bags for kids

Insulated Cooler Bags

Keeping lunch wraps, yoghurts and fruit slices super-chilled isn’t just about food safety, it’s also a way to avoid those hot & sweaty Lunch Box leftovers at the end of the day.
We love that our lunch box Cooler Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, fitted with sturdy zippers and come with a custom slimline freezer brick. There are a number of beloved to choose, tying in with your kids’ favourite Love Mae colours & characters.
Our Cooler Bag life hack is to throw the whole Bag and Brick combo into the freezer after school, so it’s ready to report for duty the next morning, free of bacteria and ready to chill out for the rest of the day.
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Kids Backpacks

When it’s your first time waving goodbye at the school or day-care gate, you’ll be smiling through the tears knowing that everything they need is cleverly stowed in the zippered sections of their cute little Love Mae Backpack.
So go ahead and give yourself some big old Gold Stars for:
1. Saving the planet by choosing a Backpack made from recycled plastic bottles; 2. Keeping your kid organised thanks to multiple stash pockets, an external drink bottle sleeve for on-the-run sipping and snap-together handles for easy lugging; and
3. Letting them be as matchy-matchy as they please when they insist on the same pattern for their Love Mae Backpack, Lunch Box & Cooler Bag.
These roomy schoolyard sidekicks will survive the rough and tumble and still manage to look schmick enough for a sleepover.
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