Rowie Moore’s free-spirited upbringing may have seen her leaving school at 14, but she was also raised to believe anything is possible if you really dig in. Holding her first show at 17, the self-taught fashion designer’s creative passion and drive have evolved into the global success of her boho-luxe brand Rowie The Label – sample sales are an elbows-out melee of frothing fans! We chat to the Byron Bay-based mumma about ethical fashion, travelling with kids and why her next collection may be her favourite yet.


There’s such a big age gap between Maya, 21, and Bodhi, 5, and we can’t help but imagine all the positives to this! All that opportunity to nourish and dedicate yourself to one little personality at a time. Is it really as amazing as we imagine? What have been the challenges?

Yes, it’s amazing when you have your first child and you can’t imagine loving another person as much as you love them! Maybe that’s why there is such a big gap between them, haha! It has been quite amazing having such a big gap, it sometimes feels like I have two 'only' children.

It was incredible to have Maya there for Bodhi’s birth and to help me when needed. When Bodhi was a tiny baby, I would pick her up from school and she would wait in the car with him, or have him at home while I ran around and posted orders and did the shopping, etc.

Given that they are from such contrasting stages in life, what have you loved most about watching the two of them bond? 

Maya is very patient with Bodhi and is naturally a brain, so she is there to answer his many questions, which he soaks up with great admiration.


How did growing up free-spirited in a community of inspired creatives support your dream to create Rowie the Label?

I was raised to believe I could do anything if I was committed to it and prepared to work hard. I was lucky to know many wise people who influenced the way I see the world and the decisions I made. This has definitely had a huge impact on my determination with the label, but ultimately I am passionately creative and, as they say, where there's a will there's a way!

Have you parented Maya and Bodhi with a similar freedom and creativity that you experienced as a child?

I feel I have taken the best from my childhood and brought it into the next gen, but as a parent, I am all about honesty, sharing and love with clear boundaries and communication. I am probably a bit stricter than my mum was.


With production for Rowie the Label based in Bali, family life goes between both Byron and Bali. How has the contrast of both locations shaped Maya and Bodhi?

I always travelled with Maya when she was a child and I believe it creates a greater consciousness of people and the world. Likewise, Bodhi has travelled so much in his life already.

Bali is a foodie paradise, where do you stay and eat?

We always stay in Canggu and some of our go-to eating places are Peleton Supershop (the best plant-based food), Milk & Madhu, Green Ginger, The Slow, Ulekan, Quince (best breakfast on the island), Som Chai, Sarong and newly opened Two Fingers.

You left school at the age of 14 and began the journey of becoming a self-taught fashion designer. Rowie the Label has since become a globally successful brand, supportive of ethical practices and sustainability. Can you tell us a little more about how these values influence your approach to each collection?

I have an amazing team and the values we share are deeply ingrained. We are slowly working towards becoming more sustainable, but we still have a way to go. In saying this, the consciousness is there and we are always working on it in all elements of the label.


Byron designers are inspiring the world with a relaxed and free-spirited approach to fashion, lifestyle and beauty, how do see yourself contributing to this movement via Rowie the Label?

I think what Byron designers bring to the fashion scene is a different way of life and a different way of thinking. If that can be a positive thing, impacting how people see the world and their footprint, then I hope that’s how we can contribute.

You’ve been juggling business and motherhood for quite some time now; any secrets as to how to balance the two? Do you have any advice for other mums that you can share?

I am always working and always a mum. I go to bed early and get up early, which is when I get most of my productive work done as both my kids love to sleep in. I also have a very supportive partner and family, we all work as a team.

What’s ahead for Rowie the lady AND Rowie the Label in 2018?

Exciting things are on the horizon! We are currently planning a working holiday across Europe and are about to release my most favourite collection yet! Atlas launches on September 25th.


A preview of ATLAS by ROWIE the Label SS18

Time for our Fast 10! We’re looking for your stream-of-consciousness answers relating to what you are doing, feeling, experiencing right now. It can be a one-word answer for each or a few sentences. OK, here goes...

Right now, I’m…

Wearing: Swimmers

Reading: Blogs on Spain

Cooking: Ideas

Drinking: Kombucha

Coveting: Shoes

Thinking: About Italy

Watching: The sunset

Listening to: The soundtrack to Big Little Lies

Dreaming of: islands in Greece

And lastly, but by no means least, Designing: Winter 19 & Spring 19!


A preview of ATLAS by ROWIE the Label SS18