Pretty in Pink | Gorgeous & Girly

Love Mae knows how to do dreamy pastel hues, floral crowns & cute companions that can set little hearts-a-flutter!




Why Bamboo for our Children's dinnerware? Here at Love Mae our decision to work with Bamboo and Plant-Based (Corn) is driven by the environmental benefits, closely followed by functionality and aesthetics. The balance of them all is what makes Love Mae Eco dinnerware a quality product that is both beautiful and thoughtful.



Why we chose to create our Children's lunch boxes from plastic....We didn’t choose bamboo for our lunch boxes as it was almost impossible to get a leak-proof seal. Single use plastics is something that we’re committed to avoiding in our homes or workplace, but when it comes to our lunch boxes, it’s not a single use proposition. In fact, a good lunch box should last for years and stand up to the test of time. When we thought about how the lunch boxes would be handled by their little owners, it was recyclable plastic that came out on top for durability and functionality. We know plastic can stand the test of time on the playground each day, when lunch boxes are thrown aside for play time. We are proud that our lunch boxes are free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead and 100% recyclable. Having a plastic product, that is not single use and is 100% recyclable, was an earth-conscious choice.