Plastic Free July | Part of the Solution

We may have mentioned it before, but did you know that none of our packaging features plastic. Thats right! and we are more than proud about it. Personally we don't think that it should be any other way.

We are also proud that 3 of our Love Mae products also contribute to reduced use of single use plastics in every day life.

Which products you ask? ...we've listed them below for you.


Waste Free Bento Style Lunch Boxes




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Our lunch boxes, with their individual compartments make creating waste free lunches a breeze!


Resuable Pantry Labels


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Whether you're a kitchen novice, or domestic goddess, our peel off & reusable pantry labels will protect you from baking & cooking disasters! Know just what's inside every jar as you 'ooh & ah' at all the pretty labels every time you open your pantry door.


Love Mae x Earth Bottles Collab


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We’re as pleased as punch to announce our collaboration with the ethically awesome folk at Earth Bottles. Sharing a mission to rid the planet of single-use plastics and protect ocean life, we’ve co-designed these reusable insulated drink bottles featuring the Love Mae look.


To find out more about how you can be become more of the solution visit Plastic Free July