Easy, tiger! We may be hurtling towards the pointy end of the year, but there’s nothing to fear when our fashionably fierce Tigress is firmly in your corner. With her floral crown, she’s festival ready and just the kind of feisty kittycat to make November reign.

So, in the name of our gorgeous floral TIGER, let’s look at what’s set to reign in Love Mae land this month…

T is for TRUTH IN BEAUTY. The title of the coffee-table compendium just released by organic beauty guru MUKTI. It’s filled with incredible research and insight into the goodness of green cosmetic chemistry, as well as the best beauty biohacks ever – see our chat with the lovely Mukti Organics creator on our online Journal.

I is for INSTAGRAM. Like many of you, we’re a little bit addicted to scrolling those social squares of inspiration, wonderment and worlds we didn’t know we needed to covet… And, just quietly, we’re loving all the #lovemaestudio tags that keep popping up in our fans’ and stockists’ feeds. Mwar!

G is for GREEN GUIDE. Love Mae is passionate about ensuring our planetary footprint is as light as possible, and we don’t toss around labels like ‘eco-friendly’, ‘biodegradable’ and ‘recyclable’ without the core values to back them up. If you’ve ever wondered what all these terms really mean, see our ‘green glossary’ on the Journal.

E is for EARTH BOTTLES. We’re as pleased as punch to announce our collab with the ethically awesome folk at Earth Bottles. With our shared mission to rid the planet of single-use plastics and protect our oceans, the result is a range of super-cute insulated water bottles featuring the Love Mae look. The 350ml bottles are sized for little hands and come in blue Whale or pink Polka Dot designs – almost too pretty for their own good, and created with the good of the planet in mind.

R is for RESTOCKED. Our bestselling bamboo pieces are back by popular demand and they’re ready to pre-order now! Give yourself a cruisy start to Christmas by grabbing a few giftboxes for early November delivery. Now that’s worth celebrating!

First and foremost, download your FREE digital desktop calendar to plan your next 30 days of awesome. Go get ’em, tiger…