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As mother and clinical practitioner, Jessica has a special interest in women’s and children’s health, and knows the influence that nutrition and lifestyle practices have on people in all stages of life. Her area of interest is helping you and your family to feel happy, healthy and vibrant. We feel very lucky to have a little of her time here answering our questions xx

What would be the first piece of advice you give to new mums about the importance of their health?

I want all mums to know that self-care is not necessarily about the big stuff like massages and spa treatments. Taking care of yourself might look more like taking a few deep breaths and stretching in a quiet moment, taking the time to prepare yourself a nutritious meal, or just going to bed a little earlier than usual. Even on the busiest of days, we all have the capacity to make even just a tiny bit of space for ourselves. 

Your Nourished Mother Program helps mamas around the world, how did you come to creating the program?

After having two children close together, I was depleted and having a toddler and a baby was exhausting. I ended up very close to burnout. It took me a while to work out what was going on, but luckily for me, I was able to seek the right support.

Going through that led me to start focusing my clinical practise towards Mums. What I learned, was that there was common themes; many of these mothers were so consumed with taking care of others that they stopped prioritising their own needs, and quickly became out of tune with their own wellbeing. In many cases when the woman sought help it was dismissed as ‘just motherhood’ without so much as an iron blood test. We are told that it’s normal to feel exhausted in Motherhood, but I disagree. We should not feel permanently tired, wired and foggy. I believe that we should be able to enjoy motherhood and have good levels of energy- most of the time.

And so the Nourished Mother program came to creation. The purpose of the program is to guide and educate women in the reproductive years to recognise signs of imbalance and depletion, and create the space for themselves to nourish, replenish and thrive.


We’ve heard of your amazing ‘Labourade’ recipe! Please share the story behind it and why it’s so amazing

I love that this has become so popular. I can’t take credit for the whole ‘labourade’ idea but I’ve definitely perfected my own version of it. Essentially it is an alternative to the supermarket sports drinks which all have nasty sugars, colours and chemicals that we want to stay away from. It includes ingredients that will naturally rehydrate, replace electrolytes and give a boost if energy when needed. My version also uses raspberry leaf tea as a base, as this is known to  help labour progress and help in the postpartum period.


You juggle running your own business around being a mum, what’s your approach to balancing the two?

My approach is to surrender and be okay with not actually achieving balance.

The scales always tip a little more one way or the other- and that is totally fine. Sometimes I have it all together, and other times I have to reply to emails, while simultaneously making dinner and rocking a baby!

The one thing that I always do, is to check in with myself. If my needs are being met, then my family and my business can get the best from me.


For you, what’s the part of motherhood that you hold most dear?


At the moment, I’m really loving watching the relationships take shape and strengthen between my three children. I love knowing that the memories we create now, will keep them bound together for a lifetime.


For our own curiosity, and as an on-going source of inspiration, can you humour us with the first thing that comes to mind for each the below?

 Currently I am:
Drinking: Chai with coconut milk


Cooking: Chicken broth in one pot, leek and potato soup in the other

Planning: My Nourished Bebé e-guide & A family holiday

Listening to: Joni Mitchell

Dreaming of: Summer in the south of France

Wearing: My Mum uniform of Levi’s and a cotton tee

Watching: Call My Agent


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