Meet the Team | Our Mothers Day

This Mother's Day we wanted to introduce you to each of the team members that make up our Love Mae tribe. Here they share what makes Mother's Day special to each of them and what they love most about their own Mums 🌸

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums! Love, Love Mae x

Meet Ammber – Love Mae’s Graphic Design Guru


What does a traditional Mother’s Day look like in your home?

My husband and kids make me breakfast, set the table with fresh flowers and present me with their homemade cards (my favourite) then we'll set off for a forest walk or day at the beach.  

What do you thank your Mum for?

Having the strength and determination to have me at the tender age of 18, which I can’t even fathom having had my own kids in my early 30’s.  Oh, and for passing on her amazing recipes and cooking skills to me!

Ultimate Mother’s Day gift?

The freedom to spend the day with my husband and kids doing all the things that bring me joy, making art with my daughter Evie, getting out into nature, reading, relaxing and eating yummy food.  

The most special moment on Mother’s Day for you?

It’s taking time out to feel immensely proud of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown, as well as feel the love and appreciation for all that you do every day to give your children a happy, healthy life.

Describe your ultimate Mother’s Day….

Breakfast in bed, lots of cuddles, time in nature, not having to cook or clean a thing, a child-free shopping spree and a day spa pampering.

Meet Claire - Love Mae’s Wholesale Super Star


Tell us how you celebrate Mother’s Day…

We usually head to Harvest in Newrybar for coffee and pastries - we try to get their early so we don’t miss the delicious pastries. No morning sleep in, but good pastries are worth that right?

What would you thank your mum for most?

I’m grateful for her unconditional love and constant support …and that I inherited her cooking skills and not dad's (eek!)

What would be your dream Mother’s Day gift?

A High Tea in Sydney with my Mum and my daughter. I love it when the 3 of us are all together.

What makes Mother’s Day special for you? 

Being with my daughter and taking time out to reflect on all the awesome women in my life - mums, mums in laws, step mums, friends - everyone!

Describe your ultimate Mother’s Day…. 

A Day in Paris - breakfast at Cafe Charlot, a walk around Luxembourg gardens, a bit of shopping then dinner at Chez Janou! Yes Please!

Mother’s Day with or without the kids?

50/50 - Hangs with family in the morning and time to myself in the afternoon.


Meet Genéa - Love Mae’s Marketing Go-to


Tell us how you celebrate Mother’s Day…

Every year is always different! We have no set tradition and take the day as it comes. My little guy always gives me a super thoughtful gift that he picks all by himself.

What would you like to thank your mum for?

Always being there, no matter what, no matter when. She has been the best Mother that I could have ever hoped for. Being a mum runs through her heart & soul.

What would be your dream Mother’s Day gift?

Soaking up the sun somewhere warm! A quick Bali trip is always on my Wishlist…no matter what the occasion!

What is a special Mother’s Day for you? 
The sheer surprise that I am a Mother! Ha. I am proud of my little guy and grateful that we walk our journey together.
Describe your ultimate Mother’s Day…. 

A slow day spent with my Mum, sister and son - breakfast together followed by some pampering for us all and an afternoon glass of wine somewhere overlooking the Ocean.

Meet Lucy – Love Mae’s Customer Service & Despatch Guru


How do you spend Mother’s Day with your Mum?
We usually go for a bush walk, then head out somewhere for a yummy lunch. 
What do you thank your Mum for most?

For being my best friend.

What do you love to give your mum as a gift?

Gold Class movie tickets is always a goodie!

Describe the ultimate way to celebrate this day with your Mum…

Spending quality time together and spoiling her.


Meet Shaun - Love Mae’s Customer Service & Despatch Extraordinaire


What does a typical Mother’s Day look like for you and your family? 
We celebrate Mum's special day with breaky in bed, a trip to the beach and an afternoon in the garden. All of Mums favourite things. 
What would you thank your Mum for?
Teaching me to be selfless and how to cook. 
Describe the ultimate Mother’s Day for gift your wife?
The ultimate gift in our house would be spending time together as a family, plus anything that can be used in the garden.
What do you think makes Mother’s Day special?
Its a time to reward Mums for their unconditional love and patience.