Meet The Mindful Entrepreneur & Mumma - Sam Brown

 A Mumma We Adore 

Introducing Sam Brown of Munster Kids  

Sam & Rich of Munster Kids together with their family


Munster Kids, if you don't already know, is a tribute to all the little wild rebels out there:  offering a collection of kids apparel that is created by a love of surf, skate and street culture.

The husband and wife duo, Sam & Rich Brown gave birth to Munster Kids back in 2005, and since this time, Munster Kids has gone on to become a global success story. As a devoted mumma of three, and as a successful entrepreneur, one of the most incredible attributes that we admire in Sam is her mindful approach to life. Sam through sheer hardwork and dedication has created a life of purpose, which is both fulfilling and inspiring. 

We were honoured that Sam took time out of her schedule to share her story with us. So if you want to hear how being grateful, and paying it forward can truly affect your wellbeing, then this Q&A is the one for you ~ enjoy! xxx


The Munster Kids brand DNA is an extension of you as a family: beach, surf, love, music, and an adventurous youthful spirit. For those who may not already know, can you share a little of your background story, and explain how your DNA has shaped the Munster Kids story to date.


I started out as a lover of animals and conservation. I  was working my way towards becoming a zookepper, whilst volunteering at Taronga Zoo. Then I turned my attention to humans … and opened a health/day spa. Healing people turned out to be as rewarding as helping animals.  A few years later I sold my business when I found out I was pregnant and settled into motherhood just nicely . I’ve always been a BIG dreamer , with a million ideas…I love nature ,travel and adventures and can’t help but want all of them to combine in my everyday.

Rich (husband) was always in the surfing world in and out of the water. Managing stores , working as a brand rep , then becoming partners in a surf brand (MCD) then starting his own brand (Wolfgang).

We started working together when Jax was 1. I had a little bit of time on my hands and was (annoyingly) given the accounting to do. Surrounded by so much stock in the warehouse I soon learnt to sew and started to cut down the men’s sizes and make tee’s for Jax. I couldn’t find anything on the market for him that wasn’t too baby. I wanted him to wear clothes I like. It was about then that I decided we should make kids clothes …Rich just laughed , he was not keen on the idea at  the time but he gave into my constant nagging .. and here we are .


Q&A with Sam Brown of Munster Kids 

What are 3 indicators that your child is a Munster Kid?


They love nature and being outside .exploring .playing .being

Their active..They ride everything and anything ..

Free spirited


Munster Kids is a global success story, but you are also a mum to 3 boys, a wife, and a philanthropist: achieving what you have to date no doubt came with its troubles, what are your ‘real-world’ secrets to success?


Just do what you LOVE ….trust yourself , listen to your heart. Live authentically , don’t try to be something your not.



As a high-octane woman how do you manage to sustain a work-life balance?


Meditation for me is key . Without it im not as focused or clear  I can tend to  loose the balance .

Im pretty good at separating work time and me time now …Gone are the days of working til midnight its more about sunrise walks ,yoga and meditation then a bit of work.



You lived as a family in Vietnam for 2.5 years, when your three boys were little; living abroad has its challenges, but what do you perceive were the greatest benefits of this experience for your children?


I think going to an International school and making friends with kids from all over the world..It opened their minds and their hearts to the bigger picture.. Its made them interested and curious about the world ..


The T4T Project - Munster Kids Children's Charity Vietnam

Tell us about the T4T project.


T4T is our charity project where we commission a new artist each season to design a tee print then the funds raised from the  sales of the tee go towards funding a new project helping kids in Vietnam  ..This year I took Jax (my oldest boy) back to the central highlands of  Vietnam and with the help of the charity group I LOVE KONTUM  we purchased clothes , shoes and school books for 400 children ..We built a new library and purchased a stack of bikes for the kids ..its just our way of sharing the love.

to read more .


Kids these days can navigate an iPad by the age of 2, and are learning their second language at kindergarten: what was the catalyst behind your decision to teach mindfulness at schools?


I think I discovered mediation when I was 18 and it has  been a huge part of my life since then ..When I reflect on my school years it was filled with confusion and disconnection .. I see kids now more distracted and disconnected  then ever..I know how powerful this simple practise of mindfulness can be  and how much it can help ,it just seemed fitting to share these tools for living with kids.

Cloud Break Tavarua Fiji with The Munster Kids


Thanks to your beautiful Instagram account we vicariously experienced your recent trip to Tavarua, and were blown away by the shot of your son duck-diving at Cloudbreak: how much do your boys influence your choice of travel destination?

Absolutely 100%..We  discuss as a family  where everybody  wants to go ..It has to have something for everyone …Luckily we all love to do the same things .


What are you top 3 travel destinations as a family?

Western Australia 




The Munster Kids Summer Campaign


Your most recent Munster Kids SS17 campaign is an exhilarating mix of summer road trips and ocean vibes. For those families with a great sense of adventure, what are the must pack items for their next road trip?

Surfboards , skateboards , snorkeling gear , camera ,go pro ,fallen broken street hat , boardies ,sunbum suncreen , good tunes and big smile.





The Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Plates at Home with The Munster KidsThe Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Plates at Home with The Munster Kids BreakfastThe Love Mae Bamboo Tumblers at Home with The Munster Kids Post SurfThe Love Mae Bamboo Dinnerware at Home with The Munster Kids Post Surf


Products included in the Munster Kids weekend were:


Bamboo 2pk Large Plates - Mountain

Bamboo 4PK Plates - Bear and Deer


Bamboo 4pk Pack Tumblers - Forest Mix

Bamboo 4pk Pack Tumblers - Arrow and Feathers