Lulu's Kitchen: Brillant Cacao Bircher


With a hint of chocolate sweetness, this delightful start-to-the-day Bircher tastes more like desert rather than breakfast - Just like Lulu intended! Filled with so much goodness, this is super quick and easy to prepare and can be made the night before, or whenever you the feel the need for something sweet, yet nourishing.


1 small banana
½ cup blueberries fresh or frozen, thawed
¾ cups Brookfarm Gluten Free Muesli
1 cup natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
½ teaspoon honey or rice malt syrup
½ teaspoon cacao
1 teaspoon chia seeds
2 teaspoons shredded coconut
This is a meal best served in a mason jar or glass to create all the pretty layers!
The ingredients can be layered in your preferred order, but this is the way Lulu makes it…
For the bottom layer, place some of the berries in the base of the jar. Next mix ½ cup of yoghurt with the cacao, honey or syrup, chia seeds and one teaspoon of shredded coconut.
Layer the cacao yoghurt mix on top of blueberries, saving a tablespoon of the yoghurt mix for the top garnish. Take the small banana and thinly slice it and then layer on top of cacao yogurt mix, remembering to save 2-3 slices for garnish. Next, mix remaining ½ cup of yoghurt with the Brookfarm Gluten Free Muesli. Once mixed, place on top of the banana layer. Use the remaining blueberries to create the final layer, and then add the cocoa yoghurt, banana slices and teaspoon of coconut to the top as garnish.
This can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours, so you can easily prepare a wonderful breakfast the night before.
Eat and enjoy xox