Life On The Road with Karstan and Maxine | Camping with Kids

Van Lifing Fam in a VW Kombi

The adventurous, free-spirited couple formerly on 'The Block' Maxine and Karstan, have packed up and set off around the beautiful Australian outback in a VW Kombi with their little girl Zuri. If you're ever in the mood for daydreaming and inspiration away from the daily grind, jump on their Insta to follow along their epic journey. Brekkie here is served up on their Love Mae Ocean Bamboo Bowls!
"From the moment we wake to when we sit down with a mug of red at the end of the day, it’s the simplest of things that we enjoy the most. From collecting the timber for the fire so we can boil water for our morning coffee, to cooking our food over hot coals. IT’S SO SATISFYING!!
And when it comes to eating on the road & staying healthy, we get stacks of questions - especially cause we are travelling with a little one. We definitely don’t plan ahead & Zu eats what we eat, however we do like to keep our meals simple & eat as much fresh & local food as we can."

Here are some of their go to no fuss meals...👇🏻

  • We love cooking over a fire – you can’t beat a good old fashioned BBQ. Jacket 🥔 are a fav of ours, they are YUM, cheap & easy!
  • Van-made skewers, we load them up with protein & veggies, so yum!
  • Poké bowls / salads with whatever is left in the fridge, we’ll usually crack an egg or two over the top to fill us up!
  • Burritos, loaded with plenty of filling & chilli sauce. Having tasty sauces on the road is a MUST! (Hot tip, use your left over wraps & make a toasted brekky wrap in the morning)
  • One pot pastas - we cook spaghetti bolognese or a vegetarian meal all in the one pot. The less cleaning up the better!
  • Breakfast is easy either yoghurt & muesli or porridge.


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