How to best entertain your kids (and yourself) in lockdown

Since a lot of us are cooped up at home for the moment, we thought it would be the perfect time to compile a list of things that are keeping us and the little ones in our lives from going lockdown-loco. 

For us Big Folk: 

Listen to:

Audiobooks are an absolute saviour right now, especially for those of us who are struggling to sit still long enough to read anything longer than the back of a pack of wasabi pea crisps at the moment.. Try Heroes by Stephen Fry (the perfect way to leave the room but still be physically in it) Its a trilogy starting with Mythos… hours of Greek Mythology.

Watch these:

  • Good Grief on SBS is such a silly and funny show (A great escape from reality right now) 17-20 mins episodes and only 6 of them, which is honestly a lovely sense of achievement finishing something ;)
  • Mare Of Easttown: An enthralling mystery (Kate Winslet at her best!)
  • LOTR Marathon (May as well pop on the extended versions!)

Read This:

  • The Labyrinth By Amanda Lohrey 
  • A little Life (One of the Love Mae team members has just started this one, apparently it’s amazing but tragic, the word harrowing gets thrown around a lot when mentioned..) 
  • Blue Mind By Wallace J. Nichols is a fascinating exploration into how and why water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do. 
  • Japanese Pickled Vegetables By Machinko Tateno (what better time to start pickling!?)

Try This:

Our brand new Love Mae Wallpaper designs are now live on the website! Perfect for a little DIY at home activity to brighten your space. 

For the little ones:

The ultimate list of kids screen-free activities 

From @daniela.minns.makes This is an absolute gem of a list! With over 130 awesome ideas to keep them entertained at home. 

Listen to:

Poppy and Galactic (Dance it out big time in the lounge room)

Read these with them:

  • The Spectacular Suit By Kat Patrick & Hayley Wells
  • We love the illustrations to this buoyant and heartwarming celebration of individuality, identity.
  • Harry Potter (Yep.. again… but it really is so good to read together!)

Watch this:

We know there are almost too many screen options for those little ones, but try Anne with an E for one of those ones you'll all enjoy. 

Cook these recipes:

The failsafe Donna Hay website has a great amount of recipes that aren’t packed with sugar but are still treat worthy
We Can All Eat That by Pam Brook