GIVEAWAY | How to Raise Healthy Adventurous Eaters

We Can All Eat That!

By Pam Brook


This amazing new book shows that raising healthy adventurous eaters doesn’t have to be hard work.

Every now and then, along comes a book that becomes a part of your family, and you wonder how you ever managed family meals before... Enter ‘We Can All Eat That’ By Pam Brook! This new book includes 95 delicious recipes created with whole-food chefs Sarah Swan and Sam Gowing.
We are beyond excited for our bamboo dinnerware to feature throughout the book, so to celebrate we are offering a $100 voucher to spend on our website plus a signed copy of the book! To enter head to our Instagram page and follow the instructions @lovemaestudio hurry competition ends 21/03!

We Can All Eat That is designed to:

  • Demystify children’s first foods
  • Give you insights into children’s food allergies
  • Inspire you to create delicious home cooked meals for the whole family
  • Offer easy-to-follow meal plans for the ‘cotton wool weeks’ when babies are first introduced to solid food
  • Help carefully and consistently introduce the common food allergens to your child from 6 months

These Lamb Meatballs with Minted Yoghurt Sauce only need 15 minutes prep time and trust us the whole family will LOVE them.. Especially served on a Byron Bay Divided Plate Set 🌟

    ‘This book should reassure anxious new parents, and if they follow the recipes they will be eating very well indeed.’ – Stephanie Alexander, chef, author, founder of Australia's Kitchen Garden Program

    ‘This is a book for all parents to use to excite their children and the whole family about good fresh food full of taste and flavour. It’s a family cookbook, a baby book and a book about food allergies based on science. This is food for life!’ – Neil Perry, chef, author
    For more details about the book head to Brookfarm Check out our Bamboo Byron Bay Divided Plate Set Thank you for the amazing photos Alan Benson