Hi I’m Gina,
I hold a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine and also have a background in Nursing. 
I’ve spent over 15 years working in the healthcare industry, with a special interest in Women’s health, pregnancy and infant nutrition. Being a Mother to my four beautiful children (aged 6 months, 3, 6 and 13 years old) has been my biggest and proudest accomplishment and has taught me more about myself than I thought possible. 
I have a real passion for using the power of nature to heal the body and I know that food has the ability to be our greatest form of medicine.
From one Mother to another, all we want is what is best for our children and the abundance of information and opinions can be overwhelming. As soon as you become a parent everyone likes to share his or her ideas, recommendations and advice (even if you didn’t ask!) 
I’ve created a book titled ‘Tiny human, what do I feed you?’ Within these pages I am sharing my extensive knowledge, accompanied by scientific explanations to guide you in making the healthiest food for your baby. 
For example, babies produce only very small amount of the pancreatic enzyme amylase, and therefore are unable to properly digest grains. Which is why I don’t recommend rice cereal as a first food.
White rice is a refined carbohydrate that is a highly processed, nutritionally devoid food and is worthless nutritionally for infants. It is inflammatory and one of the hardest food groups for them to digest. 
My number one rule is to ensure your baby is a “whole foods baby”. Try avoiding processed and refined foods, this also includes supermarket baby food. There is a big difference in the nutrients of a home cooked piece of pumpkin compared to a pureed pumpkin found on the shelf in the supermarket.
A great first food is egg yolk, which is rich in B vitamins, choline, cholesterol and many other nourishing substances. Cholesterol is vital in everyone’s diet, it functions by insulating the nerves in the brain and the entire central nervous system. It helps with fat digestion by increasing the formation of bile acids and is necessary for the production of many hormones. Since the brain is so dependent on cholesterol, it is especially vital during this time when brain growth is in super-speed. The egg white is the portion that most often causes allergic reactions so mum this is a little bit of extra protein for you to eat.
Choline directly affects a baby's brain development and plays a significant role in memory, mood control and cognition.
It is my mission to educate and inspire you to make wholesome food for your tiny human, this is the ultimate gift in setting the foundations for a healthy start in life. Enjoy this magical time nourishing your baby.
‘Tiny human, what do I feed you’ has been designed to guide you through the process of starting solids & setting up your baby with a life long health.
‘Tiny Human, what do I feed you?’ 
- Learn the signs for readiness & the best time to introduce solids
- Serving sizes
- Spoon feeding & Baby led weaning
- Difference between gagging & choking
- The best foods for your baby’s delicate digestive system
- Preventing allergies & introducing top allergy foods
- What nutrients are most important for your baby & how to get them in
- Recipes containing the essential nutrients for growth & development
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