We’re so happy you’re here for the final installment of our 2018 free-as-a-bird desktop calendars!

We hope you’ve enjoyed access to exclusive Love Mae designs and timely tidbits to inspire your visual and organizational approach to life.

“December is a time for Ho! Ho! Ho!

December is a time for love.

December is a time for lots of snow.

December is a time for love.” 

– Super-catchy earworm courtesy of a certain 1st Grader’s Christmas concert, plus 100 hours of
bath-time rehearsal sessions.

While loving the joyous sentiments expressed in this festive song, it also highlights the hopes, dreams and cultural differences that can make this time of year a little bit niggly…

For some, December is a time of sun & sand rather than ‘lots of snow’ (as we may have helpfully mentioned to a certain 1st Grader’s teacher). Hands in the air, Summer Hemisphere!

For others, it’s a Ho! Ho! Hanukkah, and December 25th is more about eating Chinese food and going to the movies, after months of dodging Santa spoiler alerts with your kid’s non-Jewish friends.

For many, December can feel like a breathless sprint to the finish line of school events, work and wishlists, before that awesome end-of-year exhale… hopefully celebrating holidays, home and heartwarming family moments (including jokes by Uncle Gary, who always wears his Christmas cracker paper crown waaay too long).

For the elves at Love Mae HQ, December means the constant call of ‘Ho! Ho! Hold the post!’ as we work around the clock to get those gift packs & parcels on their way to you and your folk. That’s just what we love to do!

Actually, that’s what Sean and the legends in our Byron Bay warehouse team do all year ’round, carefully and with pride… but without any Santa hats or seasonal social media shoutouts to spur them on.

So as we embrace December and the Ho! Ho! Holidays, we want you to know how much we love and celebrate YOU, our inspiring, supportive Love Mae family.

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