Meet Rosie of Five Little Birds | Best Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

Our chat with Rosie | Mama to Five Little Birds

The lovely Rosie chats to us about home-schooling life and gives us a little peak into go-to lunches in her household of seven! We’ve also got the inside scoop of her top five books from their amazing home library, If you haven’t already seen in.. you’re in for a treat!


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We are so excited to finally chat with you, we are all fans of you and your family here at Love Mae HQ. Can you tell us how you came to start the @fivelittlebirds account and what keeps you inspired?
I started the account as a way to share photos with family (I didn’t have any other social media at the time). I used to love following pages like Childhood Unplugged and was inspired to share some pictures with that community. It just grew from there over time. IG has changed a lot over the years and I really miss how simple it used to be. My kids keep me inspired now as they love making videos and sharing about food and fashion. It’s a whole family page nowadays which is awesome. 
Mum to five little ones, tell us, were you blessed with easy eaters or do you have some tricky palates to please?
My older boys eat anything and everything which just came with time. They’ve all had picky phases but my tip is to just keep offering and don’t be offended if it takes years before they enjoy most things. 
love mae lunch boxes bento five little birds
What inspired you to start homeschooling your family? 

I was homeschooled myself and so when our oldest son was bullied at school when he was seven it was an easy choice. Our younger boys go to Montessori which I also love. 


Tell us your five favourite go-to lunch ideas for littles?
Our favourite lunches are hummus and flat breads, French toast, pita pocket pizzas, soup, toasted sandwiches and savoury muffins. 
love mae lunch boxes bento five little birds
You have one of the most impressive book shelves we’ve ever sighted! What are the five absolute favourite books in your house? 
That’s a very hard question! Picture books for younger readers I would have to say 
  1. Love - Corinne Averiss 
  2. Little People Big Dreams series 
  3.  The Wonderful Things You Will Be - Emily Winfield Martin 
  4. The Bear and the Piano - David Litchfield 
  5. The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be - Joanna Gaines 
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