Inspired by struggles with early motherhood after her own horrific birth experience, radio producer Hillary Frank started a podcast aimed at fellow newbie parents, publishing each episode at 3am as a show of solidarity to those pacing the floor while the world slept.

Frank has a knack for intuitive interviewing (no doubt honed during her time working with podcast royalty at This American Life) and, as her fan base has grown, she has been able to draw on the real-life stories of her actual audience – delivering that golden nugget of narrative story-telling: authenticity!

At the beginning of 2018, Frank handed the presenter’s mic over to a new host Andrea Silenzi, while staying on to edit and produce the show. Some hardcore fans have not taken well to the switch, but we still love it – and as there are seven years’ worth of episodes featuring Frank, you can always binge listen those.


Officially it’s ‘Stories about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans – and being raised by them… an award-winning podcast about parenthood in all of its forms. But you don’t need to be a parent to listen.’ The awards are numerous, including being named ‘Best Kids & Family Podcast’ at the 2018 Webby Awards.  

While the show’s original tagline was ‘Your 3am bedside companion’, it now bills itself as ‘The parenting show for everyone’ as a nod to its inclusive evolution. It’s evolved to cover teens and grown-up children as well as parents-to-be or not-to-be, in some cases.

It tackles complex, moving topics including sex after children, bi-racial parenting, accidental pregnancy and gay parents.

In fact, the most talked about eps are The Accidental Gay Parents, which is a bizarre tale of a gay man in his 20s getting a random call to say his sister’s toddlers will be put into foster care unless he comes to get them straight away. He gives his trans partner the two-hour drive to decide whether he’s ready to become a full-time dad. The years that follow are full of incredible twists and turns, more children and a true love story.  


The Accidental Gay ParentsMama Don’t Understand; Imaginary Friends & Grown-upsMom It’s Time We Had The Talk


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