Take your tastebuds beyond the classic gin & tonic twosome by trying your hand at these three fresh, gin-based cocktails  – you can make them in minutes with a little flair and some Brookie's Gin. Fill up a thermos with your favourite recipe and take it on your next picnic, but remember to use non-glass drinking vessels like our pretty & practical Love Mae bamboo tumblers! 

Move aside Martini, see you later Singapore Sling, we're thirsting for modern gin mixes using fresh fruit syrups and native botanical notes...

The Super Bloom 🌸

Martini Glass – Lilly Pilly Leaf & Finger Lime Powder to garnish

45ml Brookie’s Slow Gin
15ml Aperol
30ml Grapefruit Juice
5-10ml Raspberry Syrup*
10ml Aquafaba (aka Chickpea Brine)

*Make syrup by dissolving a cup of sugar in a cup of boiling water, then blend 10 raspberries with sugar syrup and strain.
Store in a bottle in the fridge. To serve, shake with ice & strain.


The Winter Warmer 🍃

Rocks glass – Native Ginger Stick & Ginger Leaf to garnish

45ml Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
20ml Honey & Ginger Syrup 
5ml Peach Purée 
1 x Smokey Whisky Spritz Atomiser 

Stir over ice, strain over an Ice Ball, spritz with Smoky Whisky.

 Brookies_gin_the _beehive

The Beehive 🐝

Collins Glass – Aniseed Myrtle & Native Edible Flowers to garnish

30ml Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin
30ml Aperol
30ml Fresh Pressed OJ 🍊 
10ml Sugarbag Honey (aka native honey)
3 Dashes of Bitters

Shake & strain over ice. 

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