Bring learning to the table 🍎🐱🐻

Sure you might end up with the Jackson five song going around and around in your head for the entire isolation period… but isn’t that better than boring meals with your kids. 

Bring learning to the table with our ABC Divided Plate set!

Growing little minds can explore the letters, numbers and characters whilst nourishing their growing little bodies.  Your little Einstein will be eating the alphabet before you know it!!

Of course we are peddling our products, desperate to support our staff but lets focus on the joy your kids will have eating of this incredible divided plate set.

Meanwhile have some fun picturing us all working from some weird corner of our houses and your order being packed by someone in a weird space suits shipping your order. (Probably exaggerating the space suit bit!)

Love … Mae xx

Children learn through play, exploration, reading and observation. Keep learning fun with alphabet themed snacks, stories, songs, and creative activities like our ABC Colouring In Sheet.  

Your child can bring each character to life using pens, pencils, crayons, paint or markers, and even trace the letters!