Best Baby Gifts To Send To Loved Ones | Australian Animal Bamboo Dinner Sets

Hands up if you’ve got a little bundle of love that you still haven’t met!! The list is endless as to the worst parts of the $#!t show we’ve been experiencing but right now at the top of my list is not meeting the new little bubbas that live abroad. Be there at every mealtime in spirit by sending them an amazing Australiana Bamboo Dinner Set.

Best Baby Gifts To Send To Loved Ones

Bamboo Divided Plate Sets


Our absolute favourite gifts to send to loved ones with new arrivals are these Bamboo Dinner sets, featuring the iconic Divided Plate. What little one isn't partial to a tasting plate? The clever compartment design of our Divided Plate lets you keep the wet from the dry while ensuring portion sizes aren’t overwhelming to little eyes. 

Australian Animal Fabric Wall Decals

For an instant lift our beautifully whimsical Australiana Fabric Wall Decals feature hand-drawn designs that will instantly tszuj up any bedroom – perfect for the time-savvy stylist! These locally made beauties can be easily removed and re-used, so you can play with your layout until it’s fit for a photo shoot, then take them with you when you move house without risk of leaving a mark. 

Australian Animal Baby Feeding Sets


Beautiful Gifting Feedback

Our hearts burst recently with this email from one of our beautiful customers...

"Thanks so much Love Mae for the best present I have gifted to my nephew. I haven't been able to meet him yet and while we FaceTime, I've sent him books, clothes and all sorts of treats, but it’s your divided plate set that has the most impact.
He knows it was me that gave it to him I get to be a part of mealtime every day. It’s the only way I get to really connect with him at the moment and for that I am so grateful."
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