Some things are better when they’re aged – wine, cheese, denim jeans – baby food isn't one of them. ⠀

You may not realise it, but the processed baby food you see on the supermarket shelf is most probably older than your baby. Ewww, right?

Store-bought baby food packaged in pouches and jars has gone through a long processing journey that involves being exposed to extremely high heat and multiple rounds of cooking (ta ta nutritional value), being pumped full of preservatives and then declared ‘commercially sterile’ so it can sit on a shelf unrefrigerated for…like…ever.

Making your own baby food means you know exactly what is going into it, you can start to vary the texture as your baby gets better at chewing and swallowing, and you’re getting them in the habit of eating the same foods as the rest of the family – well, a blended-up version.

Convenience comes at a price

You know those super-convenient little feeding pouches that are a baby-on-the-go’s best friend? Well, it turns out they are made from multiple layers of materials such as plastic and aluminium, so they can’t be recycled and will ultimately end up in landfill or at worst, in the ocean… super inconvenient for marine life!

If you are attached to the feeding pouch concept, why not consider a more sustainable option like reusable baby food pouches? You simply spoon your own homemade puree in the open bottom, zip it up and off you all go.

To get you started feeding them fresh, try our amazing Apricot Puree recipe.


Love Mae Baby Puree Recipe

We hope you enjoyed this second instalment of a semi-regular series on introducing your little one to the wonderful world of post-boob food. You can still read our first blog here for more recipes and tips.